About - Custom Handmade Efficient Residential and Commercial Lighting Made in USA  

The passion for a brand !

Lighting... such a small thing that makes a BIG impact on your home or workplace.

Though I had been a business owner for many years, it was only after accepting the position as production manager for an e-commerce store that I realized what a powerful platform the internet provided for creative people to offer their products. An engineer by training, I consider myself a "closet creative" but never thought having a design business could be a reality. After seeing the possibilities of e-commerce, I decided to create my own shop just to see what would happen. The shop started showing real promise so I'm focused now on building customized light fixtures 100% handmade to order!

What began as an experiment in my spare room is evolving into a small shop with a big PASSION for making your environment more beautiful.

Great design, great quality, great customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Don't see exactly what you want in the shop? Send me your ideas and let me create something especially for you.

I'm striving for a perfect 5 star rating, and I love seeing pictures of the finished product installed in your space!

Thank you !

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